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Data Recovery / Data Transfer

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If your computer completely fails or your hard drive fails or maybe you have brought a new computer or laptop and want us to transfer your work to your new machine? Afro Nerds Laptop PC Repair can recover your data from your computers hard drive.

Afro Nerds Laptop PC Repair are experts at recovering data from hard drives. Even hard disks that have been damaged or corrupted in some seemingly unrecoverable manner can still be restored by our expert data recovery engineers.

Regardless of the make or model of disk affected, our team of data recovery experts is ideally placed to maximise your chances of a successful data recovery.

Corrupt Hard Drive Data Recovery Costs Only £129

Basic transfer of data from old Laptop/ PC to new Laptop/PC  Cost Only £39


How do hard drives lose data?

There are broadly speaking four potential causes for hard drive data loss:

Logical failure: There is no physical fault with the hard disk drive or any of its components. Instead, certain data has become inaccessible for some reason. The most common causes of logical failures are accidental reformatting, a lost partition, virus attacks, deleted files, and corrupted files.

Mechanical failure: Component failures such as head crashes or motor stoppages can cause some or all of the data on the hard drive to become inaccessible.

Electronics failure: Data may become inaccessible after an electronic failure, when components fail or when the drive is supplied with the wrong voltage.

Media degradation: Data access becomes inaccessible in certain areas; either because the disk develops bad sectors or it becomes impossible to read the platters.


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What causes this and makes hard drive recovery necessary?

Data loss can occur for a whole host of reasons that include but are not limited to the following:

  • Power surges or outages.
  • Accidental reformatting or overwriting.
  • Interference from malware or viruses.
  • Physical damage caused by exposure to fire, water, extremes in temperature or mishandling.
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How is the data recovered?

Whatever the cause of data loss, the Data Recovery Hospital can perform hard disk recovery operations to restore it. In certified labs our engineers utilize cutting edge tools and techniques to get to the heart of the problem and recover as much data as possible.

It is highly inadvisable to try and perform hard drive recovery yourself without the appropriate experience and facilities. Doing so carries a high risk of causing further damage to the hard drive.

Our Guarantee
image of data backup borehamwood We 100% GUARANTEE all work carried out, and we will give you a full demonstration of your home network, laptop repair or desktop computer working before asking for any payment! We fix then you pay us! No risk, no fuss!!!

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