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Is your Laptop Overheating?

It’s something almost every laptop owner has experienced at one time or another. When you cram that many computer parts into such a small space, without a lot of room for airflow plus with  a heat-conducting case, things are going to get hot. It doesn’t necessarily mean your computer is having problems, but either way, there are a few things you can do about it.

Determine Whether Your Computer Is Overheating or Just Hot

Laptops get hot. It’s what they do. However, if your laptop is shutting down, suffering from the blue screen of death, or experiencing serious slowdowns, then you have a much bigger problem on your hands. In this case, you should probably let Laptop PC Repair Herts have a look at it.

Macs have a built-in fail safe for heat problems; they’ll turn off before they reach unsafe temperatures. So it’s pretty easy to tell when your computer is actually overheating, because it’ll shut down unexpectedly. Windows computers don’t always have this.

How to Keep Your Laptop Cool

Even if your computer isn’t reaching overheating temperatures, it can be hot to the touch, which isn’t always ideal. Here are a few things you can do to keep things running cooler.

Check (and Clean) Your Fan

When you feel your computer getting hot, put your hand next to the computer’s fan vents. If you feel hot air blowing out of them, then your fan is working, but if you only feel a little bit of air, it could be your fan is built up with dust or is otherwise not working. If you’re comfortable opening up your computer, you can unscrew the case, find the fan, and blow it out with some compressed air. If that doesn’t work then your fan may need to be replaced. You can get a FREE Call Out PLUS FREE Inspection when you give us a call.

Keep It Out of Hot Weather

Use a Laptop Cooler

A Laptop Cooler is a device with a fan installed and sits underneath your laptop and plugs into your laptop USB port.

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