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There are a lot of misconceptions of what RAM does. Most people think “laptop memory” is the hard drive. RAM is more like the short term memory in your laptop. Here’s how it works. You ask for a piece of information, say a photo of your kids at the lake. Your CPU tells the hard drive to go retrieve the photo. Your Hard drive looks for it on its disk then sends it back to the CPU who then loads the data to your RAM. In some cases your graphics card gets involved but we’ll cover that later. RAM is your laptop’s short term memory. Everything your laptop does runs in RAM. The more RAM you have the more your laptop can do simultaneously. Well RAM, as it is the workhorse of your laptop, can sometimes get worn out. Anything that has a lot of electricity flowing through it can fail. Sometimes only one or two chips on the RAM go bad, and so you won’t notice it much unless you really start to max out your laptop abilities. Other times though, the whole chipset goes bad. When this happens your laptop crashes at random, shows the blue screen of death, or if it’s a Mac, you see the pinwheel or beach ball of death too often. If your laptop is just acting strangely, it could be the RAM. At Laptop PC Repair Herts, we have special equipment to figure out if your RAM isn’t working correctly. We can also figure out the best way to replace it. In most cases we can upgrade your system to hold even more RAM, which means even more speed for you. You’ll be able to play solitaire faster than ever!

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