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When using your computer, all kinds of things happen that you might think are legit: Microsoft letting you know it’s time for an update, your anti-virus letting you know a scan is done, or iTunes letting you know when a download is complete. Spyware, Malware, and Virus writers know you trust these types of programs to run in the background. They also know you have a good idea what a legit program looks like and what a malicious program looks like. Well, unfortunately the hackers of the world have started making their bad programs look like good ones. These days it’s hard to tell them apart. So, you get a pop-up that looks like Microsoft telling you it’s time to update your security, then after a couple of clicks it asks you for your credit card number; before long you have dozens of programs asking for your private information. As soon as you close one another pops up. This is a common infection we see every day. Even a savvy PC users can get sucked into this endless scam.


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