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Software Installation from £29

Windows Operating System Install from £50 –£80

Sometimes when you launch a programme, it may not load, possibly because of an error in one of its required components. The most common error message relates is a .dll file being missing or corrupted that is required to launch the programme. Or maybe your computer hangs or goes into a loop when it is turned on.

If a programme seems to run slower than usual, it could be any of the following:

  • The programme is incompatible with your version of Windows
  • The disk has lots of file fragments, where clutters of data are scattered in an unmannered order such as it has to search the whole disk just to load the file(s).
  • There may be file system errors on the disk.
  • You may be low on disk space.
  • You may be low on system or virtual memory.
  • Your PC may be infected with a virus.

Program Crashes

Sometimes in your Windows session, you’re going to run into a programme that stops responding or “crashes” when that occurs it’s more of a serious issue. If just a programme stops responding, you can use the Windows task manager to find the programme in question, press the three-finger salute, CTRL+ALT+Delete. Once you have terminated the unresponsive programme, try restarting it again. If it still crashes, then try rebooting your whole system. If the problem continually happens then it”s time to call Laptop PC Repair Herts.

Laptop PC Repair Herts will install any software on to your Laptop or Computer. If you are having any issues outlined above then we will perform a  free health check  to see if you have any viruses, malware or spyware then remove it. We also re-install Windows Operating System with important updates, plus install updates of software drivers.

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Our Guarantee
We 100% GUARANTEE all work carried out, and we will give you a full demonstration of your home network, laptop repair or desktop computer working before asking for any payment! We fix then you pay us! No risk, no fuss!!!


Afro Nerds offer Computer Repair & Laptop Repair in these areas and surrounding areas:
Watford, North Watford, Croxley Green, Aldenham, Patchetts Green, Bushey, Shenley, Radlett and Elstree.



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